AIRTESTER is a unique product that brings you a comprehensive analysis and follow-up service at the same time.

By simply ordering the product, you will receive an AIRTESTER analysis kit. Sampling is a simple process that involves the customer directly. In your own direction, you take a sample. This process is time-saving and transparent.

AIRTESTER analysis kits are ready for cultivation when they are sent to our certified laboratory. This process represents the growth of microbiological substances and takes 1-2 weeks. Subsequently, our sample experts evaluate and determine the type and number of microorganisms.

The measured values are processed into a clear report that is simple and understandable. An obvious part of the report is an evaluation of the detected state of contamination of the space and recommendations of our experts.

The issue of indoor air purity is an important part of our daily lives. Through expert articles and discussions our team want to bring you the most up-to-date information and recommendations.

AIRTESTER's comprehensive air analysis service is accessible for its clients through a fast and transparent web application. A simple process of ordering and tracking your results and online analysis is a matter of course.

Disinfection of any place or entire HVAC system and individual vents by using the unique and safe nebula with disinfecting innovative technology. Guaranteed results of removal of microbiological harmful substances from the environment.



Air analysis in production areas, industrial parks, workshops and others.


Detection of air quality and contamination by microorganisms in offices, buildings, shops, air conditioning, HVAC systems.


Complex analysis of air in school facilities such as schools, kindergartens, canteens and others.


Air analysis in the interior of apartments and houses.


Detection of air quality and contamination by microorganisms in medical facilities such as ambulances, operating rooms, waiting rooms and others.


Analysis of air quality in cars, trucks, public transportation and other vehicles.


Unique surface sample analysis from air conditioners to detect the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts).


Unique surface sample analysis directly from the ventilation duct to detect the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts).


Air quality analysis in hotels, accommodation, wellness, restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments.

Sampling may be carried out by the air gradient method for the detection of microbiological markers (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) directly in the air, as appropriate, or by the sterile method for detection on surfaces and equipment in space.